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Greens welcome offshore oil and gas exploration ban in NSW

The NSW Government’s decision to ban offshore oil and gas exploration has been welcomed by the Greens, who have commended the coastal communities that have fought tirelessly for the win.

Sneaky Plan to hand out Floodplain Harvesting Licences could be illegal and expose Govt to billions in compensation

Moves by Water Minister Kevin Anderson to pave the way for the handing out of licences for floodplain harvesting as early as this week are likely in breach of the Commonwealth Water Act and could set up a future government to have to fork out billions of dollars in compensation,...

Nurses and midwives ask for support, get a kick in the guts by Perrottet Government

Reports that NSW Health is considering "taking action" against the thousands of nurses and midwives that went on strike for better conditions, safe staff to patient ratios and fair pay yesterday is a kick in the guts for the state’s exhausted healthcare workers at a time when they’re crying out...

Koala Endangered Recommendation Must be Wake Up Call to Protect Habitat

News that the National Threatened Species Scientific Committee has recommended that koala populations in NSW, Qld and the ACT be uplifted from ‘vulnerable’ to ‘endangered’ should be a massive wake up call for the NSW Government to stop clearing koala habitat and save them from extinction, says Greens MP and...

Not Just Job Saver Pandemic Pay for Nurses Too

With nurses and paramedics across NSW at breaking point and many resigning in recent weeks, it’s unacceptable that the Government is supporting businesses with Job Saver but not providing financial incentives for exhausted frontline healthcare workers, says Cate Faehrmann, Greens MP and health spokesperson.

Event Saver Old News & Months Too Late

The NSW Government has been too slow to act to save our struggling entertainment industry, with the launch of Create NSW’s ‘Event Saver’ today coming almost three months after the Government announced it, says Cate Faehrmann Greens MP and spokesperson for the Arts, Music and Night-Time Economy.

Greens Launch NurseKeeper Campaign for Nurses and Paramedics

In response to an alarming number of exhausted and burnt out nurses and paramedics in NSW resigning in recent weeks with threats of more to come, the Greens have today written to the Premier to ask him to immediately introduce ‘NurseKeeper’, a campaign launched today calling on the NSW Government...