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New Report Shows Coastal NSW As We Know and Love it at Risk from Unchecked Development

A 40-page report released today by Greens MP and planning spokesperson Cate Faehrmann, details a litany of unsustainable and inappropriate developments right along the NSW coast that will take away everything that everybody loves about coastal NSW if they’re allowed to go ahead. The report, “Concreting Our Coast: The developer...

Greens Introduce Bill for Nurse to Patient Ratios

Greens MP and health spokesperson Cate Faehrmann has introduced a bill to legislate nurse and midwife-to-patient ratios into the NSW Upper House today which would mandate safe levels of staffing in public hospital emergency departments and wards across the state. The Health Services Amendment (Nurse-to-Patient and Midwife-to-Patient Ratios) Bill 2022...

Liberals have rocks in their heads when it comes to koalas: Greens

Liberal party MPs have rocks in their heads when it comes to koalas and if they think that reigniting the Koala Wars won’t harm them at the state election, says Cate Faehrmann, Greens MP and koala spokesperson. Last week, National Party MP Dugald Saunders introduced a controversial bill that would...

Minns and Toole: Break gambling industry’s stranglehold of politics in NSW

The Opposition Leader, Chris Minns and NSW National Party Leader, Paul Toole, can break the stranglehold the gambling industry has on politics in NSW and neutralise any electoral threats the industry may be making, by also refusing to enter into any agreements until they act on the recommendations from the...

Labor must not Stand in the Way of a Cashless Gambling Card: GREENS

The Premier’s commitment to implementing a cashless gambling card is an opportunity for multi-partisan gambling reform but is being blocked by NSW Labor Leader Chris Minns, said Cate Faehrmann, Greens MP and gambling spokesperson. 

Ban Facial Recognition Technology in Gambling Venues

 The Government must ban the use of facial recognition technology in gambling venues after shocking news today that facial recognition technology that is already being offered to pubs, clubs and casinos in NSW is marketed overseas as being able to “improve the VIP experience, encourage repeat visits from first-time players,...

Government must act on Gambling Card after scrapping Clubs Bill: GREENS

The Government must introduce a mandatory  gambling card after news it has scrapped its bill that would have put facial recognition technology in every club and pub in NSW, says Cate Faehrmann, Greens MP and gambling harm reduction spokesperson.