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Land and Environment Court Decision Spells Doom for Sydney’s Koalas

Today’s decision by the Land and Environment Court against Save Sydney’s Koalas will spell extinction for the healthiest koala colony in the State, says Cate Faehrmann, Greens MP and Spokesperson for Environment and Wildlife. 

Health System was Always Going to Collapse - Delta or No Delta

The NSW Public Health system was always going to collapse due to successive governments not prioritising health promotion, disease prevention and mental wellbeing, and ignoring calls for more investment in the public health workforce, Greens MP and Health and Wellbeing spokesperson Cate Faehrmann said.

Regional NSW Set for Toxic Incinerators to Burn Sydney’s Waste

News that no toxic Waste to Energy incinerators will be built in Sydney is welcome, but should not mean the regions are lumped with the burden of burning waste, says Cate Faehrmann Greens MP and spokesperson for Waste and Pollution after the release of the NSW Government’s Energy from Waste...

Give our Nurses a 25% Pandemic Pay Rise

The Health Minister must take urgent action to incentivise more nurses to work in the state’s hospitals, including providing ‘pandemic risk pay’ increase of 25%, and diverting all ICU-qualified nurses into ICUs from vaccination hubs, says Cate Faehrmann, Greens NSW MP and health spokesperson.

Increase in Overdoses Highlights Urgent Need for Drug Law Reform

Thousands of deaths from drug overdoses could be prevented if the Government had the courage to legalise cannabis and decriminalise all other drugs for personal use, says Cate Faehrmann, Greens MP and spokesperson for Drug Law Reform and Harm Reduction, following today’s release of the Penington Annual Overdose Report 2021....

ICUs Not Coping, Not Enough Masks: Health Workers & Patients at Risk

Internal communications sent to Greens MP and health spokesperson Cate Faehrmann overnight by frustrated health workers shows that, despite assurances to the contrary by the Health Minister and the Premier this week, the state’s public health system is shockingly unprepared to cope with the current outbreak, putting the health and...

Hazzard must Immediately Act on ICU Nurse Shortage

Greens MP and Health spokesperson Cate Faehrmann has written to the Health Minister today calling on him to take urgent action to stem the growing crisis in Intensive Care Units in the state’s hospitals in Western and South Western Sydney, which are at breaking point. Stories have emerged in recent days of...

Mandatory Vaccines for Healthcare Workers Welcome, now Adequate PPE

News overnight that Covid-19 vaccinations will be mandatory for healthcare workers is a welcome but overdue move, said Cate Faehrmann Greens MP and Health Spokesperson, who wrote to the Health Minister earlier this week urging this as well as ensuring adequate PPE to all healthcare workers, including fit-tested N95 face masks.

NSW Health System Understaffed and Unprotected: Greens

The rising number of Covid cases in health care workers in NSW is a result the Berejiklian Government’s preference for building shiny new hospitals over ensuring there are enough adequately trained nurses and other frontline healthcare workers, says Cate Faehrmann, Greens MP and Health spokesperson and member of the NSW...

Increase Fines for Big Irrigators who haven’t installed Pump Meters: Greens

Revelations that nearly half of New South Wales’ biggest irrigators have made no effort to install compliant meters six months after the deadline is yet another example of the National Party’s special treatment of corporate irrigators and shows that the penalties for non-compliance aren’t tough enough, says Cate Faehrmann Greens...