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End Strip Searching. Decriminalise Drugs

It’s time for heavy-handed police tactics like strip searching to be consigned to history and all drugs decriminalised for personal use, says Greens MP and drug law reform spokesperson Cate Faehrmann.

Stop men having sex with women to stop abortion

Greens MP and health spokesperson Cate Faehrmann today spoke in favour of decrimimalising abortion in the NSW Legislative Council, saying:

Reproductive healthcare reform bill 2019

It won’t be a surprise to anyone that I’ll be supporting this bill.  As it is before us. 

Emergency wait times for mental health patients dangerous

Unacceptably long wait times for mental health patients in emergency departments is putting lives in danger, says Greens MP and mental health spokesperson Cate Faehrmann.

Climate Change Fund debate

The Hon. MARK LATHAM: I move: That this House supports the abolition of the NSW Climate Change Fund, which will deliver lower electricity bills across the State, and put an end to wasteful spending that has nothing to do with climate change.

Walgett water supply

In late June I visited the small town of Walgett in north-west New South Wales so that I could see firsthand the impact the drought, the mismanagement of the Murray-Darling and climate change has had on the people of that community.

Time to stop persecuting party-goers, decriminalise drug use

Greens MP and spokesperson for drug law reform & harm reduction, Cate Faehrmann, has today called out the NSW government’s failed drug laws and demanded an end to the persecution of people for simply wanting to have fun. 

Emergency Department Responses to Mental Health Emergencies

Ms CATE FAEHRMANN: I move: That private members' business item No. 113 outside the order of precedence be considered in a short form format. Motion agreed to.

Tribute to Loredana Alessio-Mulhall – Private Members' Statement

On 13 April 2019 Loredana Alessio-Mulhall passed away. Loredana was a mother, a teacher, a lover of languages and a lover of plants. In May 2013 Loredana was in the Chamber when my voluntary euthanasia bill was debated. She spoke to the media and told her story. 

Mental Health funding Question Without Notice

Ms CATE FAEHRMANN (12:06): In directing my question to the Minister for Mental Health, Regional Youth and Women, I refer to the Mental Health Infrastructure Program that was allocated $700 million over an undefined period, to only $14.68 million being spent in 2018-19 and only $22.33 million being allocated in this week's...