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The Pokies Play You

    The Pokies Play You


    Over the last 30 years poker machines have taken $135 billion from people in NSW.

    They’re designed to draw people in and addict, with families who can already least afford it being hit hardest by the pokies pain. It leads to housing insecurity, financial strain, family breakdown and even, tragically, suicide.

    Despite laws to ban some gambling donations to political parties, the Liberal/National and Labor parties have accepted more than $1 million dollars in donations from organisations linked to gambling since 2011. Meanwhile agreements are struck before every election between ClubsNSW and each major party leader which effectively stymie any attempts to make meaningful changes to reduce gambling harm. 

    The Greens have a plan to act on the pokie scourge that’s hitting NSW and we’re calling for a multi-partisan approach to make it happen. Add your name to call on the major parties to commit to:

    • Phasing out poker machines from pubs over 5 years and clubs over 10 and introduce a “pokies super tax” to be reinvested in communities most impacted by gambling harm
    • Refusing to sign any agreements between the gambling industry that prevent meaningful gambling reform
    • A mandatory state-wide cashless gambling card
    • A curfew on gambling machines operating between midnight and midday
    • $1 bet limits per spin on gambling machines 
    • Mandatory player-set time and spending limits for gambling machines and online gambling
    • A prohibition on loyalty programs in gambling venues 
    • A ban on poker machine features designed to be addictive such as flashing lights and sounds, and losses disguised as wins
    • Amendments to the Electoral Funding laws to prohibit political donations from clubs engaged in wagering, betting or other gambling
    • A prohibition on political parties, elected representatives and candidates from owning, leasing or receiving any income from poker machines or receiving income from any other form of gambling






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