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The Murray Darling Basin is on the brink of ecological collapse after the worst drought on record and decades of mismanagement by Liberal-National and Labor governments. 

Due to drought and climate change we have seen rivers run dry, mass fish kills and devastated regional communities on the brink of running out of water. 

The Murray Darling Basin plan was introduced to avert ecological disaster in the basin but it has been subverted by the National Party and their corporate irrigator mates. 

The Murray Darling is also under threat from a National Party plan to fast track three new dam projects that will see 770 gigalitres taken out of the basin. 

We must reform the management of the Murray Darling Basin and return water to the environment and to regional communities. 




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Coastal Harvestable Rights - motion

I oppose the motion by the Opposition. From the outset, this exemplifies how Coalition members do water and how they did policy for the 12 years they were in government. They seeing water falling, hear what their mates are asking for and put in place measures to please those mates....

Dam funding - Motion

I oppose the motion moved by the Hon. Sarah Mitchell about building dams. The policy that the Coalition, particularly the National Party, has put forward every single year for 12 years and longer all through the country is to build more dams. But in 2019 the National Party at both...

Chief Scientist Fish Kill Report: Government must act on Roadmap to Restore Darling-Baaka & Menindee

The full release of the NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer’s Independent review into the 2023 fish deaths in the Darling-Baaka River at Menindee provides a roadmap for returning the Darling-Baaka River and Menindee Lakes to health, said NSW Greens MP and spokesperson for water, Cate Faehrmann.

Fish Kill Report Must Force Overhaul of Water Department: Greens

The NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer’s finding that mass fish deaths in the Darling-Baaka River was due to the failure of existing legal environmental protections in water law not being enforced or implemented should warrant an overhaul of the NSW Water Department, says Greens MP and water spokesperson Cate Faehrmann....

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