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Labor’s nurses plan doesn’t go far enough, fast enough: Greens

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Cate Faehrmann
NSW Greens MP
21 September 2022

NSW Labor’s announcement for more nurses today does not go far enough, fast enough with no timeline for when nurses will be in place in critical areas like ICU and some wards left out of the plan altogether, says Cate Faehrmann, Greens MP and health spokesperson.

“Labor has promised to ‘roll out’ more nurses to meet safe staffing levels across different wards but has not laid out a timeline for when that will happen. How long will nurses have to wait to see safe staffing levels under Labor?” said Cate Faehrmann.

“This is a big deal when Victoria and Queensland both have legislated ratios across all wards in public health facilities because we know that nurses are leaving NSW to work in those states in droves.

“It’s also disappointing to see Labor back away from their promise over two elections now that they’ll introduce mandated minimum nurse and midwife to patient ratios. The last thing our struggling public healthcare system needs is half-measures when it comes to reform.

“Each day that NSW doesn’t implement ratios is a day where patients' lives are needlessly put at risk and nurses leave the job because of horrific conditions. 

“Disappointingly too, Labor has left out vital parts of our health system like paediatric and mental health critical care units as well as community mental health and drug and alcohol, outpatient clinics. 

“The Greens have been working on a ratios package, in consultation with the NSW Nurses and Midwives for months, for safe staffing levels every ward, every shift, every time. The Greens will stay committed to that,” said Ms Faehrmann.

profile image
Cate Faehrmann
NSW Greens MP
21 September 2022


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