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Test The Pills.

Tell the Premier to allow drug checking services to operate in NSW before more lives are unnecessarily lost.

    Test The Pills.

    Victoria will now trial pill testing at 10 festivals and one at a fixed site location in Melbourne. Qld and the ACT have introduced similar initiatives.

    It’s time for NSW to test the pills before more lives are lost.

    The Victorian Premier Jacinta Allan has said she’s doing this to prevent “every parent’s worst nightmare”. Meanwhile, NSW Premier Chris Minns continues to oppose pill testing despite multiple inquiries expert evidence and experience from other jurisdictions all proving it saves lives. 

    This year, NSW Health has issued multiple warnings of drugs being found with extremely dangerous substances in them including nitazene which can be 500 times stronger than heroin! Nitazene, which is increasingly being found in drugs like MDMA, cocaine, and heroin, has already caused deaths across the country.

    The ‘war on drugs’ has failed with millions of Australians consuming drugs that aren’t legal every year. We can never stop people taking drugs. But we can stop people dying from them. So why aren’t we?

    It is our turn now to show we also care about saving lives. Come on Chris Minns. Let’s test the pills in NSW.



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