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Sydney water restrictions too little too late: Greens

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Cate Faehrmann
NSW Greens MP
28 May 2019

The Level 1 water restrictions to be imposed by the NSW Government on 1 June do not go far enough in protecting Sydney’s water supply, Greens MP and water spokesperson Cate Faehrmann said today.

“Sydney’s water reservoirs are experiencing some of the lowest inflows of water since the 1940s and we have no idea how long this drought will last or how severe it will be,” said Ms Faehrmann.

“The level 1 restrictions are effectively the same as the currently imposed ‘Water Wise Rules’ and do not go far enough to ensure the security of our water.

“I’m calling on the Water Minister Melinda Pavey to immediately impose Level 2 water restrictions on Sydney’s residents.

“Why wait for dam levels to reach 40 percent? Given the ongoing drought, it’s highly probable we will get there sooner than expected.

“Why is the NSW Government dragging its heels on reducing water usage in Sydney when Melbourne residents use 30% less water per person.

“I have no doubt Sydneysiders are prepared to save a lot of water, it’s just that the Government is afraid to ask,” said Ms Faehrman


Contact: Jacob Miller, 0428 837 292

profile image
Cate Faehrmann
NSW Greens MP
28 May 2019


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