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Tell Pollies: Stand Up to the Gambling Lobby!

    Tell Pollies: Stand Up to the Gambling Lobby!

    It’s official. The NSW Crime Commission has confirmed that billions of dollars of ‘dirty money’ from the proceeds of crime are poured into poker machines each year.

    Now, two years after the Government gave in to pressure from the  gambling industry and deferred the introduction of a cashless gambling card, the Crime Commission’s Number One recommendation to stop money laundering in poker machines is to introduce a gambling card!. 

    A mandatory cashless gambling card would cripple money laundering operations, and it will reduce problem gambling. The gambling industry is pushing back hard against this because it will actually work and stop people gambling so much.

    Clubs NSW has convinced the Premier to introduce legislation to allow invasive and inaccurate facial recognition technology to be installed in every pub and club in NSW instead of introducing a gambling card. Facial recognition technology won’t reduce gambling harms and it won’t stop money laundering but it will give clubs and pubs the power to analyse people’s behaviour, target them and make their machines even more addictive. 

    This is a desperate last attempt by the industry to avoid proper regulation. Tell the Government and Opposition to stand up to the gambling industry, say no to facial recognition technology in pubs and clubs and immediately introduce cashless gambling cards.





    2nd Strip Search Review Shows Most Police Still Breaching Basic Protocols

    Woeful compliance by NSW Police with their own strip searching protocols raises even more concerns about the wellbeing of people at music festivals as the festival season kicks off this October long weekend, says Greens MP and Drug Law Reform & Harm Reduction spokesperson Cate Faehrmann.

    New Upper House Committee Established to Further Investigate Underground Transmission Lines

    The NSW Upper House has just voted in support of the establishment of a committee to re-examine the issue of Underground Transmission lines after the government-dominated State Development Committee’s previous report was resoundingly rejected by all non-government members and the community.


    Fish Kill Report Must Force Overhaul of Water Department: Greens

    The NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer’s finding that mass fish deaths in the Darling-Baaka River was due to the failure of existing legal environmental protections in water law not being enforced or implemented should warrant an overhaul of the NSW Water Department, says Greens MP and water spokesperson Cate Faehrmann....


    Report Released into Underground Transmission Lines Inquiry Extremely Disappointing: Greens

    Greens MP and infrastructure spokesperson Cate Faehrmann has labelled the NSW Upper House Inquiry into Underground Transmission Lines, which has just released its report this morning, as a pointless “tick and flick” exercise, with the government clearly having made up its mind months ago in favour of overhead transmission lines.