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A Net Zero Goal Means No New Coal!

Tell Labor: A net-zero goal means no new coal!

    A Net Zero Goal Means No New Coal!

    The clock is ticking to shift NSW from dirty coal and gas to clean, green and reliable renewable energy.

    But right now, NSW is facing the biggest expansion of coal since the Paris Agreement, with 12 projects seeking approval to dig up a lot more coal over a lot more years.

    Just one example: global mining companies, Glencore and Yancoal want to extend their massive Hunter Valley Operations out to 2050!  

    If approved, the burning of coal for these 12 projects will release 15 times New South Wales’ annual carbon emissions!

    They will also clear hundreds of hectares of endangered forests, home to some of our most threatened wildlife, including endangered koalas and the critically endangered regent honeyeater. And we know what the climate emergency looks like here in Australia - more extreme droughts, floods and fires - all fueled by burning coal and gas. 

    The Government likes to boast about its climate target of net zero by 2050 (which the science says is 15 years too late anyway) but, sorry Labor, there’s no net zero goal with new coal.





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