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It’s clear that the NSW planning system is failing communities and the environment and needs serious reform. We have steps that the NSW Government must take to stop the developer onslaught from wrecking our precious coasts forever and to restore faith in the planning process.

Protect Coastal Environments

By prohibiting roads and developments that impact ecologically sensitive environments including Threatened Species Habitat and Endangered Ecological Communities and adding ecologically sensitive land to the protected area network. 

Consider Climate Change

By assessing and mapping areas vulnerable to floods, bushfires and sea level rise now and in the future and prohibiting development in those areas while resourcing and requiring local council’s to develop and update master bushfire and flood plans for their LGA.

Ensure Infrastructure and Services are in Place

The Government must place requirements for adequate infrastructure and services before new housing developments can be built. 

Put Power Back in the Hands of Local Communities  

By scrapping Regional Planning Panels and placing development approvals back into the hands of local councils, with joint council planning decisions over inter-regional developments.

Clean up Local Councils

By banning property developers and real estate agents from sitting on council, strengthening disclosure requirements for counsellors and giving whistleblower protections to council staff to ensure councils make the best decisions for their community. 

End Zombie Development Approvals

By forcing existing Development Approvals over 5 years old to be reassessed through the planning system with inappropriate approvals forced to redesign, take a land swap or receive compensation where appropriate. 

Assess the Cumulative Impacts of Development

The Government must require councils to develop LGA Master Plans that properly assess the cumulative impacts of development on ecologically sensitive coastal ecosystems including threatened species habitat.

Make Ecological Assessments Transparent and Independent 

By making developers use independent ecological assessors provided by the department instead of being able to shop around for experts that enable development.

Reign in Short Term Holiday Lets 

By giving councils the power to regulate and limit short term holiday lets, freeing up regional housing stock.




Greens introduce Pill Testing Bill in NSW Upper House

Greens MP and spokesperson for drug harm reduction, Cate Faehrmann, has introduced legislation that would allow a trial of pill testing at music festivals and a fixed site across New South Wales in the Upper House today.


Pill Testing Trial Bill 2023 Second Read Speech

I’m very proud to introduce the Greens Pill Testing Trial Bill 2023 as the Greens drug law reform and harm reduction spokesperson.


ClubGRANTS Scheme Doing More Harm than Good and Should be Scrapped: Greens

The release of ClubGRANTS data has exposed the controversial scheme as little more than a cover that clubs hide behind when facing criticism of the negative impacts pokies cause local communities and is more proof the scheme should be scrapped, said Cate Faehrmann, Greens MP and gambling harm reduction spokesperson....


Latest sniffer dogs data more proof the program must be scrapped

NSW Greens MP and drug law reform spokesperson Cate Faehrmann has renewed calls to scrap the expensive drug detection dog program after uncovering data showing a $46 million price tag over the last decade, with only one in four of the nearly 95,000 people searched being found with drugs on...