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The evidence can’t be ignored: kangaroo numbers are in serious decline across NSW. Mobs are being marginalised and fragmented across the state’s landscapes and it’s clear that land clearing and the licensed killing of kangaroos for agricultural interests and the commercial harvesting industry are major factors in this decline.

We believe that there must be an immediate moratorium on kangaroo culling in NSW. 

The NSW Liberal-National government must put an immediate moratorium on the non-commercial killing of kangaroos and undertake an urgent review into the 2018 changes to licenses to harm kangaroos to report back within 12 months.

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NSW Greens MP and Chair of the Kangaroo Inquiry Cate Faehrmann

The NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into the Health and Wellbeing of Kangaroo and other Macropods has handed down its report, and things don’t look good for our internationally recognised, iconic, marsupial friend.

The Inquiry heard staggering evidence from Aboriginal Elders, wildlife experts and carers that exposed deep flaws with the way in which kill-quotas are set. 

The Committee also heard undeniable evidence that kangaroo numbers are in serious decline across NSW. Meanwhile, it was painfully clear that the National Parks and Wildlife Services is not adequately resourced to be able to monitor compliance with licensing conditions for the non-commercial killing of kangaroos. Representatives were unable to provide the Committee with accurate figures on how many kangaroos have been legally culled under non-commercial licences.

The Inquiry, Chaired by Greens MP Cate Faehrmann and including Labor, Liberal-National and AJP members, made 6 findings and 23 recommendations. Click here for the full report. 


However, Labor and Liberal-National members voted together to prevent a recommendation for an urgent moratorium on the non-commercial culling of kangaroos be implemented while a review takes place from being included in the final report. 

You can read Cate Faehrmann’s dissenting statement as part of the report here. 






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Paramedics Survey Show Govt Action on Pay Demands Dangerously Overdue

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Whitehaven’s Narrabri coal approval is criminal while climate change-fuelled floods devastate Northern NSW

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Greens to Introduce Bill for Nurse to Patient Ratios

As nurses and midwives go on strike for a second time in a decade, Greens MP and health spokesperson Cate Faehrmann has given  notice in the NSW Upper House of her intention to introduce a bill to legislate nurse-to-patient ratios in NSW, a key demand of striking nurses and midwives....