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The NSW Liberal, National and Labor parties are addicted to pokies profits and in lock step when it comes to pokies in our state. 

A whopping $6.4 billion is being drained by pokies from communities in NSW every year, with communities that can least afford it being hit hardest by the pokies pain. For many, this pain is felt through housing insecurity, homelessness, family breakdown, domestic violence, and suicide.

Cate’s been fighting for madatory cashless gambling cards, $1 bet limits on gambling machines, an end to rewards programs designed to addict, transparent, real-time reporting of pokies data and a to phase pokies out of pubs and clubs. 





Minns and Toole: Break gambling industry’s stranglehold of politics in NSW

The Opposition Leader, Chris Minns and NSW National Party Leader, Paul Toole, can break the stranglehold the gambling industry has on politics in NSW and neutralise any electoral threats the industry may be making, by also refusing to enter into any agreements until they act on the recommendations from the...

Labor must not Stand in the Way of a Cashless Gambling Card: GREENS

The Premier’s commitment to implementing a cashless gambling card is an opportunity for multi-partisan gambling reform but is being blocked by NSW Labor Leader Chris Minns, said Cate Faehrmann, Greens MP and gambling spokesperson. 

Ban Facial Recognition Technology in Gambling Venues

 The Government must ban the use of facial recognition technology in gambling venues after shocking news today that facial recognition technology that is already being offered to pubs, clubs and casinos in NSW is marketed overseas as being able to “improve the VIP experience, encourage repeat visits from first-time players,...

Greens to Govt: Stand Strong Against Clubs & Pubs Hissy Fit over Gambling Reforms

Greens gambling spokesperson Cate Faehrmann MLC has called on the Minister for Customer Service Victor Dominello to stand firm in the face of a predictable hissy fit by Clubs NSW and the Australian Hotels Association over attempts to make them take more responsibility for the harms caused by poker machines...

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