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For information about the restrictions currently in place in New South Wales, please visit

We can still support our favourite local restaurants, cafés, bars and pubs during COVID-19. If you're looking for restaurants in Inner Sydney that are open and need your support, check out these helpful pages for Sydney and Balmain

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Gateways to Mental Health online services

NSW Mental Health Services Categorised List of NSW Mental Health Services 

Head to Health Navigation platform for links to Australian online and phone supports 

Health Direct Direct links to etherapy services 

Lifeline Online resources, phone counselling, text chat and webchat 

Individual websites

Beyond Blue Online resources, webchat, phone calls, online forums 

Lifeline Online resources, phone counselling, text chat and webchat 

Black Dog Institute Online resources and online clinic 

Thiswayup Online courses to improve mental health. Free access to anxiety courses till 30 April 

Mycompass Online personalised self help tool designed by Blackdog 

Mental Health Online 24/7 support, programs and e-therapists 

MindSpot Free online clinic, resources, and courses 

ECentre Clinic Run by Macquarie University, free online mental health courses 

Children & young people

Kids Helpline Phone, webchat and email counselling 1800 55 1800 

Headspace Phone, webchat and email counselling 

Mood Gym Online course designed for ages 15-25 

ReachOut Online coronavirus resources Has reviewed mobile apps and tools to help you look after your health and wellbeing. 

The Brave Program Free online anxiety program for children 

Parents and teachers

Black Dog Institute Online resources 

Emerging Minds For children and their families. Resources, webinars, toolkits 

The Brave Program Free online program for parents 

24 hour suicide risk & emergency lines

Lifeline Crisis support 13 43 57 

Suicide Call Back Service Online counselling, video chat and phone services 1300 659 467 

NSW Mental Health Line Staffed by mental health professionals to put people in contact with a local mental health service 1800 011 511

Men specific MensLine Resources, phone and online counselling – including for fathers. 

New parents PANDA Resources and help for new parents 

Mum Mood Booster Online interactive treatment sessions 


Employment Statistics

NSW Creative Industries: An Economic Snapshot

NSW Jobs required to be subsidised during Covid-19

There are approximately 280,900 people working in the creative Industries in NSW. Many are freelancers who would now be out of work, or experiencing a significant cut in their income, as a result of the Covid-19 shutdown. 

“A thriving, productive arts and entertainment scene will be vital to the recovery of our state’s economy and our community spirit. When we come out the other side of this pandemic our artists, musicians, writers and all other creative industries workers will be expected to jump back in and once again do what they do best. 

“Following the Arts Minister’s resignation yesterday, the NSW Government must immediately step in and offer a rescue package to creative industry workers in NSW. 

“The creative industries in NSW now have a completely different set of priorities to what it did when this budget was brought down. The Powerhouse move must be the first on the chopping block and the $1.6 billion saved should go straight towards keeping our creative industries afloat through a combination of wage subsidies and grants.


Jobseeker / Jobkeeper cheat sheet

  • From April 27, you'll be eligible if you're:
    • A permanent employee who has been stood down or sacked

A sole trader, self-employed, casual worker or contract worker who now earns less than $1,075 a fortnight as a result of the economic downturn

  • You're caring for someone who has COVID-19
  • Jobseeker payments are tapered, but even if you're only eligible for a small Jobseeker payment, you will receive the full $550 a fortnight Coronavirus Supplement.
  • If you are already receiving Centrelink payments, the Coronavirus Supplement will be automatically added to your payments. There is no need to contact Centrelink.
  • The partner income threshold has been increased to $79,762, meaning anyone whose partner earns less than that will be eligible for a Jobseeker Payment.
  • Assets testing will be waived.
  • All payments will be backdated to the time you register your intent to claim.
  • How to claim?
    • Do not go into a Centrelink office in person, lodge your claim online, or over the phone.
    • You can now:
      • Prove your identity over the phone (this was previously the main reason new applicants were forced to attend service centres in person)
      • Lodge an intent to claim online through MyGov

Grants and funding

Alternative revenue streams

  • In-person events such as performances, exhibitions and presentations are no longer an income stream for working artists. While it is difficult to completely supplement these funds, there are options to investigate other income sources to complement government support (i.e. jobseeker) that you may be receiving.
  • You might consider:
    • Launching a Kickstarter or Patreon campaign to be produced during isolation, or delivered after restrictions are lifted. Donors can we rewarded with tickets to online events, prints of artwork, or preview performances in the future.
    • Producing a digital work or performance as a one-off event or regularly, with ticket sales to support.
    • Producing more easily distributed work, such as a concept album, a written essay or an animation.
    • Provide online classes or mentoring to those who wish to engage in creative hobbies at home, such as an online life drawing or photography course.

Supporting others in your community

New arts delivery technologies

Digital platforms can help you to reach your audiences during lockdown, some online options that offer free plans are listed below. 

Live Streaming

  • Youtube
  • Twitch
  • Instagram Live
  • Facebook Live

Websites and Blogging

  • Wordpress
  • Tumblr
  • Medium
  • Wix
  • Ghost

Video Calls/Conferencing

  • Zoom
  • House Party

Content Sharing

  • SoundCloud
  • WeTransfer

Email Campaigning

  • Moosend
  • SendInBlue
  • MailerLite

Making a plan for long term adaptation

  • Once your income is secure and you feel your immediate needs are addressed, you may want to consider making some long term plans to adapt to a changing sector.
  • Can digital engagement form part or your performances in the future?
  • Have you been over-burdening yourself with gigging and performance to maintain income, is there a more sustainable ways to reach audiences and still meet your financial needs in the future?
  • Have you found new opportunities to collaborate with other creators who were not accessible to you in your physical arts practise?
  • Can you apply this experience to help protect yourself from future economic shocks?

Developing ideas and your practice

  • The COVID-19 pandemic is a serious threat to the arts community and financial support is essential to ensure individuals can meet their immediate needs. However, there are some potential opportunities to develop creative practises and create new work in response to novel challenges in one’s environment.
  • Often, artists feel pressure to produce large quantities of work to tight deadlines in order to ensure steady income, and often find it difficult to allocate time to reflection and incubation of new projects and ideas.
  • Artists are, by nature, incredible problem solvers. Forced isolation could offer a unique opportunity to develop creative practises that have long term benefits. Listen to The Arts Show on Radio National to hear how other artists are adapting their practice on the Art in Isolation Segment
  • A pause from performing or working can free up time to undertake training courses and up-skill, potentially expanding avenues for new work opportunities both during and after lockdown. OpenLearn offers a number of free online courses and online workshops and courses are promoted on ArtsHub

Wellbeing and Crisis Support

  • Remember to also create boundaries and treat the ‘new normal’ WFH culture as other industry workers would. Be sure to set yourself clear working hours, take regular breaks and have some technology down-time to prevent burn-out.
  • Stay in touch with your support network and reach out to friends and family regularly.
  • Support Act Wellbeing Helpline is available for musicians and performing artists experiencing distress


Increase Fines for Big Irrigators who haven’t installed Pump Meters: Greens

Revelations that nearly half of New South Wales’ biggest irrigators have made no effort to install compliant meters six months after the deadline is yet another example of the National Party’s special treatment of corporate irrigators and shows that the penalties for non-compliance aren’t tough enough, says Cate Faehrmann Greens...


Greens secure cross-party Inquiry into Floodplain Harvesting

A NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into floodplain harvesting has just been established after a successful motion this morning in the NSW Upper House by Greens MP Cate Faehrmann and water spokesperson in response to demands by the community for more transparency around the controversial practise. 

Media statement on RDT: David Heilpern

David Heilpern is a retired NSW Magistrate having sat in regional and rural NSW for over 20 years. He is an Adjunct and Practice Professor at Southern Cross University, and is Director of “Drive Change” an organisation dedicated to law reform in the area of drug driving, with particular emphasis...


Police Caught Breaching RDT Procedures while Drug Testing Greens MP

Cate Faehrmmann, Greens MP and spokesperson for Harm Reduction and Drug Law Reform, has written to NSW Police Minister David Elliott and the Attorney-General Mark Speakman, calling for all tests conducted over the Nimbin Mardi Grass weekend in early May to be declared invalid after breaches by a NSW Police...