Westconnex Inquiry report - media comment

The NSW Parliament inquiry into the impact of the WestConnex project has tabled a damning final report this morning

Greens MP and Transport Spokeswoman Cate Faehrmann, who was a participating member on the inquiry, submitted a dissenting report.

Greens MP and Transport Spokeswoman Cate Faehrmann said:

“This report details a litany of failures by the NSW Government in the delivery of the WestConnex tollway which have had a lasting negative impact on people’s lives, have eroded public trust and had significant costs for taxpayers.  The community anger and opposition to the project is clear and ongoing.

“It is also evident that this was all avoidable and Gladys Berejilkian should apologise to the people of NSW for the inept and ill-considered decision to build the WestConnex tollway.

“Given the overwhelming evidence of the harm this Westconnex is causing, it is incredibly disappointing that Labor and the Government continue to support Stages 3 and the Rozelle Interchange proceeding.  There should be an immediate halt to the remaining stages of WestConnex until a thorough and independent investigation and assessment of costs and impacts is undertaken.”

“The Greens also believe that at a time of historically low interest rates, public infrastructure projects of the scale of WestConnex should not be financed and delivered by the private sector.

“The committee heard compelling evidence of the benefit to other cities around the world which have chosen not to invest in new motorways and instead invested in reducing car use and improving public transport.  If an assessment of alternatives to WestConnex had been completed, then it would have been clear that public funds should have been spent on improving public transport instead.”

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