Greens MP and transport spokesperson Cate Faehrmann has slammed the new Sydney Airport Master Plan 2039 as recipe for chaos and congestion. The plan forecasts total air passenger numbers at Sydney Airport will increase by 51 percent by 2039, from 43.3 million in 2017 to 65.6 million but Ms Faehrmann says it has very little detail about what public transport infrastructure will be built to meet this massive increase in demand.

“This is a plan for chaos and congestion,” said Ms Faehrmann.

“There is almost no detail about how our already overcrowded public transport system will cope with the projected 51% increase in airport passenger numbers. Instead the plan is heavily reliant on a mess of road upgrades which are strangling our city.

“Ask anyone travelling through Sydney airport and they will tell you the airport is already at capacity. Trains are full, the roads are choked and the terminals are crowded.

“The Premier needs to explain to the people of Sydney how she expects our failing transport infrastructure to cope with this massive surge in demand on the airport line. She should refuse to sign off on this plan until a serious, costed public transport plan is developed.

“Global cities and their airports are serviced by world class public transport systems. Sydney is already falling well short and if this surge in airport numbers go ahead it will be a complete farce,” said Ms Faehrmann.

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