There is still time to abandon disastrous music festival licensing rules: Greens

The Greens are calling on NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian to abandon her disastrous new licensing regime for music festivals set to be introduced on 1 March, saying NSW will lose hundreds of millions in tourism dollars and cannot afford any more musicians, promoters, DJs, entertainment industry workers and young people to leave the state.

Greens MP and spokesperson for the Arts and Creative Industries Cate Faehrmann has also vowed to move a disallowance motion in the first sitting week of the new Parliament to scrap the new licensing regulation if it leads to festivals shutting down.

“There is still time for the Premier to abandon her disastrous proposed new licensing regime. The new regulations establishing the regime have not yet been published but festival operators around the country are alarmed at what is proposed. If the Premier decides to go ahead and bring in a regime which leads to festivals closing then I intend to move to disallow the new licensing regime in parliament in the first sitting week back after the election,” said Cate Faehrmann, Greens MP and spokesperson for Arts and Creative Industries.

“The Premier’s latest move to kill the music industry in NSW will see a swathe of talent and international acts bypass NSW altogether, not to mention potentially hundreds of thousands of people who regularly attend festivals in this state spending their money elsewhere.

“There is no better example of policy on the run, undertaken with zero consultation with the industry it is about to decimate. The new licensing regime thought bubble by the Berejiklian government will do nothing to keep people safer, but everything to kills jobs and an entire industry.

“There is still time for the government to pause and undertake genuine consultation with the industry and the community. If this government is genuine about ensuring a vibrant, safe music festival culture in NSW, the Premier would take the time to get this right.

“If this was about safety the Premier would have allowed a trial of pill testing and amnesty bins at dance music festivals. Instead she directed her ‘music safety panel’ to ignore pill testing and to forget about consulting with the music festival industry.

“It’s also extremely offensive that the Premier is accusing the hardworking and passionate people behind our much-loved music festivals of not abiding by the ‘rules’ and not caring about the people who attend festivals.

“This is a disastrous misstep by the Premier. I urge her to listen to the people of NSW and abandon her ill-thought through licensing regime which will decimate music festivals in this state and do absolutely nothing to save lives,” said Ms Faehrmann.

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