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Add your name to support our plan to rein in online gambling in NSW


Gambling is out of control in NSW. The state has almost half of Australia’s poker machines and loses more money per person to gambling than anywhere else in the world. However, online gambling poses even greater risks than gambling in a venue.

Serious gambling harm is twice as high in online gambling. Online gambling means anyone can gamble anywhere, anytime on nearly anything. This is causing a huge spike in gambling amongst younger people.

The online gambling industry is poorly regulated and bombarding our screens, airwaves and public spaces with advertisements specifically targeted at young men. This is normalising betting by sending the message that it is all ‘part of the fun’ of enjoying sport.

Sign up to support the Greens campaign to reign in the online gambling industry and reduce gambling harms by:

  • Establishing a National Independent Gambling Regulator.
  • Regulating online gambling to reduce gambling harms with mandatory pre-commitment and a universal exclusion scheme across all platforms.
  • Banning all gambling advertising including TV, radio and online ads.
  • Regulating gambling in video games and prohibit  ‘loot boxes’ being accessible by people under 18. 
  • Ending the grip of the gambling industry on politics by banning political donations from the gambling industry and restricting politicians and public servants from working for the gambling industry





Minns & Perrottet must commit to phasing out coal mining in Sydney’s Water Catchment

Dominic Perrottet and Chris Minns must commit to ruling out any new longwall mining in Sydney’s water catchment as well as a timetable to phase it out after it was revealed that one of the last actions by the NSW National Party Water Minister was to hand out water licences...


Greens Announce Plan to Legalise Cannabis in Next Term of Parliament

Cate Faehrmann, Greens MP and drug law reform spokesperson, has today launched the Greens plan to legalise and regulate recreational cannabis in NSW. 


Pill Testing Urgently Needed after Tragic Death at Music Festival: Greens

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The Govt Shows Contempt for Democratic Process with 5th Introduction of Floodplain Harvesting Regulations

The NSW Water Minister’s introduction of floodplain harvesting regulations for a fifth time shortly before an election shows complete and utter contempt for the voters of NSW, says Cate Faehrmann, Greens MP and water spokesperson.  The NSW Government gazetted regulations to license floodplain harvesting this afternoon after previous regulations were...