Farm animals need shelter - Cate Faehrmann

Farm animals need shelter

Thousands of outdoor farm animals suffer terribly from heat stress and pain every year due to having no access to shade or shelter in paddocks, sale yards, holding pens and feedlots.
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Pill testing saves lives - Cate Faehrmann

Pill testing saves lives

Almost half of all adults have used pills or party drugs, and the “tough on crime” approach to drug use by successive governments has not only failed, but causes enormous harm and wastes huge amounts of emergency service resources.
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Bilbies, not gasfields - Cate Faehrmann

Bilbies, not gasfields

For the first time in more than a century, bilbies are running wild in NSW, with a conservation area near Narrabri.
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Join the campaign for a safe climate - Cate Faehrmann

Join the campaign for a safe climate

While school kids take to the streets and demand action for a safe climate, this government still has its head in the sand.
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Emissions limits for New South Wales - Cate Faehrmann

Emissions limits for New South Wales

Australia has some of the worst regulation of pollution from coal fired power stations in the world, and it is killing people.
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Ban battery cages - Cate Faehrmann

Ban battery cages

Battery hens live their lives in a space the size of an A4 piece of paper. They lose their feathers, they have their beaks cut off, they are confined with dead chickens and they never, ever see sunlight. It’s a miserable life.
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Investigate horse racing - Cate Faehrmann

Investigate horse racing

On average, a horse dies every three days on race tracks in Australia, and 9 horses died on track in October alone. Thousands of “failed horses” are put down for not being fast enough.
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Legalise abortion - Cate Faehrmann

Legalise abortion

After decades of women taking to the streets in Queensland demanding the right to access a safe, legal abortion they've finally been heard: Qld parliament has just voted to decriminalise abortion.  
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Cycle Safe Sydney - Cate Faehrmann

Cycle Safe Sydney

Cycling rates have decreased while injuries are skyrocketing, and the government currently spends just 1% of its annual transport budget on active transport such as cycling and pedestrian infrastructure, compared to the UN recommended 20%.
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