Greens pledge $1billion to get people on their bikes

The Greens NSW have released their detailed plan to improve cycling infrastructure and address conditions for cyclists across NSW which includes a cycling infrastructure fund of $1 billion over four years.

"The NSW Government has neglected cycling and cycling infrastructure for too long - cycling rates in NSW are decreasing, and injuries are on the rise,” said Greens MP and Spokesperson for Active Transport, Cate Faehrmann.

“The Greens will invest in a world-class active transport network to make it safe and viable for people to cycle or walk every day to work, school, universities, shops and playgrounds.

“Encouraging people to get out of their cars and onto bikes is a no brainer – but it can’t happen without government leadership, planning and funding.

“The government currently only spends 1% of the annual transport budget on active transport such as cycling and pedestrian infrastructure. The United Nations (UN) has recommended a target for governments of 20% of transport and roads expenditure.

“This translates to just $3.81 per person per year. By comparison, London spends about $33 per person per year on cycling infrastructure.”

"We believe it’s time for cycling and walking infrastructure to be considered state significant development just like some roads are.

“They are great value public investments that deliver a whole host of community benefits. Cycling reduces stress on our roads and parking places, cuts carbon pollution and traffic congestion and improves community health,” Ms Faehrmann said.

Alongside the cycling infrastructure fund, the plan includes:

  • Active transport infrastructure to be mandatory in all major new road and transport projects.
  • At least 20% of developer contributions to go towards cycling and walking infrastructure.
  • Improved motorist education and police enforcement to keep cyclists and pedestrians safe.
  • Statewide behaviour change education programs to increase uptake of cycling and walking.



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