Farm animals need shelter

Thousands of outdoor farm animals suffer terribly from heat stress and pain every year due to having no access to shade or shelter in paddocks, sale yards, holding pens and feedlots.

Cows huddle together under the shade of a tree

Climate change means that we're seeing rising temperatures during summer and searing heatwaves more often, meaning devastating consequences for millions of farmed animals routinely kept outdoors.

We're calling on the Minister for primary Industries, Niall Blair, to enforce mandatory requirements for all farmed animals to have access to shade from tree-cover or shelter. 

The Greens NSW will commit to a $30 million transitional package that will assist farmers with some of the costs of putting in shade structures and planting and fencing off shade trees and shelter belts. We will legislation to make it mandatory that livestock have access to shade, and provide funding for planting and fencing off shade trees and shelter belts as part of wider Greens plans for funding for revegetation.

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