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Fair Pay for Healthcare Workers!

    Fair Pay for Healthcare Workers!

    12 years under this Liberal-National government has seen wages for nurses, midwives and paramedics go backwards. 

    Our healthcare system is in crisis. Exhausted senior staff are leaving the profession in droves due to poor pay and conditions meaning fewer staff overall to pick up the slack. This is putting staff and patients at risk. 

    The Greens plan will show nurses, midwives and paramedics the respect they deserve while attracting skilled workers back to the profession and inspiring others to join it. 

    Add your name to send an email to the Premier and Opposition Leader to commit to: 

    • Abolish the wage cap and institute minimum pay rises for Nurses, Midwives and Paramedics in line with CPI 
    • An immediate 15% pay rise for Nurses, Midwives and Paramedics
    • Locking in pay rises for Nurses, Midwives and Paramedics of 2% above inflation for the next 4 years




    Greens introduce Pill Testing Bill in NSW Upper House

    Greens MP and spokesperson for drug harm reduction, Cate Faehrmann, has introduced legislation that would allow a trial of pill testing at music festivals and a fixed site across New South Wales in the Upper House today.


    Pill Testing Trial Bill 2023 Second Read Speech

    I’m very proud to introduce the Greens Pill Testing Trial Bill 2023 as the Greens drug law reform and harm reduction spokesperson.


    ClubGRANTS Scheme Doing More Harm than Good and Should be Scrapped: Greens

    The release of ClubGRANTS data has exposed the controversial scheme as little more than a cover that clubs hide behind when facing criticism of the negative impacts pokies cause local communities and is more proof the scheme should be scrapped, said Cate Faehrmann, Greens MP and gambling harm reduction spokesperson....


    Latest sniffer dogs data more proof the program must be scrapped

    NSW Greens MP and drug law reform spokesperson Cate Faehrmann has renewed calls to scrap the expensive drug detection dog program after uncovering data showing a $46 million price tag over the last decade, with only one in four of the nearly 95,000 people searched being found with drugs on...